Sean Connery
Sean, as seen in Field Trips

Full Name

Sean Connery


83 Years

First Appearance

Field Trips



Voice Actor

Darrel Hammond

Sean Connery is a minor character based off of a Saturday Night Live spoof of Connery.


Sean Connery can be seen in the field trips episode in the TF2 Museum. He then proposes a knock-knock joke to Ms.Person. Sean Connery can also be seen walking around the school and being bullied by Chris and Dan. Connery can also be seen standing with the boys at the end of the Field trips episode. Sean is suspected to live next to Elmer and own a pet headcrab.


Dan and Chris: Sean Connery is disliked by Dan and Chris and is often bullied.

Elmer: Elmer disrespects Connery and can be seen eating his pet.

Ms. Person: Connery disrespects Ms. Person and tells her an offensive knock-knock joke.


The inspiration from the character comes from the Sean Connery character (played by Darrel Hammond) in the Saturday Night Live skits Celebrity Jeporady. He can be seen quoting the Sean Connery character's quotes of Celebrity Jeoprady.


  • As a Minor Character Connery makes the 2nd most appearances in the Elliot Goes to Series, the first being Some Fagola.
  • He uses Breen's model.