Francis is a character in Elliot Goes to School.


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First Appearance

Elliot goes to School



Voice Actor

Vince Valenzuela

Biography Edit

Francis is a student that goes to the school that Elliot and the other major characters go to. He is also a bus driver, as seen in Elliot Goes to School: Field Trips. The only class he is known to be in is Mr. Higglesworth's Algebra class.


Francis has jeans and a grey vest. he also has many tattoos and a Mohawk.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

  • Ms. Person - He dislikes her because while calling attendance she said "Francis AKA Gay Biker" to which he replied "Hey! That is uncalled for!".
  • Mr. Higglesworth - seems to hate him because he makes fun of everybody and gives everyone "F's" on their tests. one example is when he threw Elliot's friend Theo drawing out the window to which Francis Replied with "Hey! That is uncalled for!".
  • Dan and Chris - Francis gets very annoyed at them one example is in Field Trips, when they were goofing off and Francis said: "Quit pissing around and get in here!"
  • Elliot - They were seen together only once, but Francis seems to like Elliot as he stood up for him when Mr. Higglesworth threw Elliot's drawing out the window.
  • Xavior 3.10/Wesley - He apparently found Xavior's laptop interesting, at least until it denied him access to use it.


  • Francis is a character in Left 4 Dead.
  • His main catch-phrase is: "Hey! That is uncalled for!'