Elliot Is Late for Work is the "first pilot episode" in the series.
Elliot is Late for Work

Elliot is Late for Work


Elliot wakes up to his alarm clock, which for some reason is set later than it should be, he starts to have breakfast, when he realizes that he's late for work. He goes to his car, which is out of gas, so he goes on a bike throughout the city (Rp_Oviscity_GMC4) to his workplace, which oddly has snow there (A CSS Offfice remake), and he runs to his boss' room. This is the first time in the episode Elliot talks. He talks to his boss, Tyrone; giving him the details on why he couldn't get to work on time. Tyrone decides that he's going to fire Elliot, but he insists once Elliot claims he'll make it up for Tyrone. Tyrone decides to make Elliot build a house with a Forklift and a bunch of wooden planks, or else Elliot will get fired. With almost a whole workday later, Tyrone seems to be amazed, and decides to keep Elliot's job. The so-called "house" appears to be a generic MS Paint image of a house, Elliot leaves, claiming "Good thing my boss has the eye of a 6 year old".


  • In this episode, Elliot's voice sounded much higher pitched, because Kitty0706 wanted to disguise his voice.
  • Tyrone, Elliot's boss, has the same voice actor, and character model as Brandon, from the Elliot Goes to School series.
  • This is the episode to directly involve "Elliot" as a main character.
  • The MS Paint image of the house at the end has made an appearance on Tea Time with Dr.Breen, another video made by Kitty0706

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