Elliot Goes to School (2009-2012) is a Garry's Mod Machinima webseries created by the late, Colin Wyckoff (1995-2015), who's known more famously, under the handle of 'Kitty0706'. The show's plot revolves around Elliot, a high-school student, portrayed by show-creator Colin Wyckoff, and a group of fellow classmates/friends: Brandon, Wesley, Elmer and Jimbo, getting through the troubles of their school's absurd education system, and often abusive teachers, whilst trying to maintain a clear head. As of January 2015, the show is on a indefinite hiatus, due to the passing of the show creator, Colin Wyckoff (Kitty0706) to Leukemia, a form of blood cancer.
Elliot Goes to School

The title card to the 1st episode.

Elliot goes to field trips title

The title card to the 3rd episode.

Elliot goes to pep rallies title

The title card to the 2nd episode.

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