Elliot goes camping is a episode in the series.

      At the start, Elliot hears his doorbell ringing. He opens it, to find multiple props. This process repeaters for a while, then Mr. Higglesworth appeared giving him an ASSignment, then leaving. Brandon then begins a monologue that lasts the whole episode. Xavior, Jimbo, and Elmer are also there, and they decide to go camping. At first, Elliot declines, but then agrees. Grandma Elliotson then arrives in a monster truck and takes them to the bank, before abandoning them. All day, the five of them walk in circles, Mr. Higglesworth appearing to give Elliot another copy of his "el papel," which he had left home. At one point in the night, Elmer appears, lighting up a bright light that Brandon thinks is a safe haven, but is disappointed upon learning that it is just Elmer. Shortly after, they are mugged by Dan and Chris, who are dressed up as a combine shotgunner and Jason Voorhees. Elmer gives them $100, but Brandon supposedly places a hopper mine in front of them, killing the duo for the rest of the episode. Later, Elliot finds out that they walked in an entire circle, only to arrive to the campsite - in Elliot's backyard. They camp for a while, Elmer sticking his head in the fire. Mr. Higglesworth asked them for marshmallows, at Ms. Person's request. After saying that they have none, and the folding chair appearing to tell off Mr. Higglesworth, the group parts ways, Jimbo going to sleep over at Slim's again, Elmer going to repaint his nails, Elliot going to live in his house, and Brandon walking into the night, "nevermore seen by another soul," and the folding chair leaving after screaming "DICKS!" Xavior stays to camp out for the rest of the episode.